The Eco Council is made up of representatives from our Upper Key Stage Two classes.  These children have volunteered to help raise awareness within the school community of the ongoing climate crisis and the importance of looking after our environment.

Meet the Team



Over the course of the year, the team will lead campaigns in the school to avoid waste, encourage recycling and save resources such as water and electricity.

Autumn Term

The Eco- Team introduced themselves to the school community this term and shared with them what they were already doing in school to help the environment. 

Over the last academic year the Eco Council expressed an interest in teaching others to recycle appropriately and to use the correct bins and to remind them what can and can not be put into them.  They also talked to their peers about encouraging others, including their teachers, to switch off lights/plugs and devices when they are not in use.

The Eco-Team aims to teach the children more about the importance of saving energy and have been very eager to ensure that this is already happening around school by making sure that lights, monitors and whiteboards are off when the children are out at break and lunchtimes and at the end of the school day.

The Eco-Team will meet during the week commencing 02/10/2023 to decide what their next focus will be. 


08/11/2023 Today our school Eco-Team were awarded their new titles of Junior Recycling Officers from Laura Demircan our Waste Education Officer working for ANSA and Cheshire East.  Laura gave an educational talk about her role and the role of ANSA who collect and recyle the waste from all of the homes in Cheshire East.  Laura and the team talked about what already happens here at Rode Heath and what they would like to do going forward.  The team are now busy preparing a newsletter for all of our children and parents to share this information and some helpful tips on how they can Refuse, Reduce & Re-use.  Please watch this space for further updates.


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