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Mrs Burton
Mrs Burton

Mrs Burton

Ms Burton Pre-School Teacher:
I am extremely excited about starting my eighth year as Pre-School Teacher at Rode Heath. I am passionate about Early Years education and have enjoyed a varied and fulfilling career teaching children from Pre-School age, right up to Lower Key Stage Two. I have been teaching in Cheshire for 17 years now and as an experienced EYFS teacher I pride myself in placing each family's needs first. I am passionate about the arts and literature have a varied artistic background in music and drama. Outside of school, my two not-so little boys keep me very busy, we spend most of our time outdoors exploring and playing football. As a family we treasure the precious time we get to spend together and especially enjoy story time.

Mrs Soutar
Mrs Soutar

Mrs Soutar

Mrs Soutar Pre-School Teaching Assistant:
Hi I'm Karen. I live in Holmes Chapel with my husband Duncan and three lovely children- Izzy (16) Harry (14) and Emma (10). I've really enjoyed working with our fantastic team for the last 6 years at Rode Heath and before that I spent 10 years looking after my children and child-minding other peoples! I love the fun and unpredictability of working with Pre-Schoolers and enjoy seeing them progress and master new skills.

Mrs Moss-Brookes
Mrs Moss-Brookes

Mrs Moss-Brookes

Miss Moss-Pre-School Teaching Assistant:
Hi I'm Lisa. I'm extremely excited to start my sixth year at Rode Heath Pre-School and to be part of this dynamic team. Before I came to Pre-School I enjoyed being a stay-at-home mum to my three young children. Prior to that, I taught in a Primary School and thoroughly enjoyed teaching in Early Years classrooms. Outside of school my three children keep me very busy and we love exploring new places and enjoying exciting days out together.

Miss Jackson

Miss Jackson

Miss Jackson Pre-School afternoon Lead and Deputy Manager of All Stars club:
I am very excited to be starting my 6th year at Rode Heath Pre-School. I will be leading at Pre-school on Wed/Thurs and Friday afternoons and I am so looking forward to leading the team at our fabulous All Stars breakfast and after school clubs, for another successful year. I have had many years working with young children and recently started working with children with additional needs. I am a qualified 'Relax Kids' Coach which enables me to teach children to learn to manage their emotions through play.

Miss Belcher
Miss Belcher

Miss Belcher

Miss Belcher All Stars and Pre-School assistant:
Hi I'm Kerry, I live in the village very close to school with my partner and daughter Chloe (5) who currently attends Reception class. I'm based in the All Stars breakfast and after school club. I've spent the last two to three years gaining my Early Years Practitioner qualifications at Rode Heath and now I can assist in Pre-school and help the youngest children to transition into club. I am always there to help each child and support them and their families, both early in the morning and into the evening.



Welcome back Spring Term 2 2024


Our topic for the second half of Spring Term is 'People Who help Us'.We have planned lots of lovely learning experiences and are excited to begin the next stage of our learning adventure together. Each week we will explore an information book and learn about different occupations. The children will enjoy video excerpts and visitors coming in to talk to us in Pre-School. We will explore how to be a shop keeper, vet, doctor and dentist through playing with reaslistic materials and props.Even though lots of facts through information texts we will actually with start this term a great story by Julia Donaldson, 'The Smartest Giant in Town'.Through this story we will learn about helping others and kindness. We wil also talk about clothes shops and other types of shops we have seen. We will then use non-fiction texts to explore the world of doctors, dentists and Vets. 

'If you know anyone that would like to come into Pre-School to share their experiences of helping people then please get in touch, we would love to see you!' 


Routines, Reminders & Messages

  • Book Bags- your child will continue to bring home a book of choice from our reading for pleasure box. We will always check for news or wow moments in your child's news book, so please feel free to write anything that you would like to share. We will change your child's book every week on their specific book bag day and we will continue to add the details from our story times into their news book so you can see what we have been learning about.
  • Phase 1 Phonics- We will start a new aspect this term which intruduces how to make 'pure letter sounds' with our voices and mouths. To help you at home each week we will attach a copy of the instruction on how to correctly produce each sound and how to make the action with your hands that accompany the teaching of each new sound. It would be wonderful of you could practise producing each sound by following the instructions and then enjoy playing the games together that we will include in your child's book bag. If you need any help at all please ask a memeber of the team. 
  • Tapestry -  If you are new to Rode Heath Pre-School then please look out for an email with instructions on how to get started. As always, please let us know if you have any problems..

Our Learning Journey

Week Commencing : Monday 26th February 2024

'This week we explore The Smartest Giant in Town by Julia Donaldson'

Untitled design (1).pngCommunication & Language:

This week we will enjoy the wonderful story of the kindest giant in town, George! This story is a wonderful way to introduce the role of shopkeepers and how helping others is a great thing. We will practise singing the  central melodic section of the story starting with the line...'my tie is a scarf for a cold giraffe!'.  We will see how the story develops with different animals needing help from the giant and  the ways in which the kind giant helps others by giving them items of from his new wardrobe, recently bought from a clothes shop. We will roleplay in a little shop with different clothes and use language such as...'can I help you? and How much is this?

psed.png   Personal, Social & Emotional Development:

This week we will enjoy listening to the beautiful music 'Morning' by Grieg and look at the way flowers open in the morning sun such as Daffodils. We will look at the colour yellow which is a 'happy colour' in 'The Colour Monster book and explore slow movement to the music and move like flowers growing.  We will start our breathing sessions by being grateful...we will close our eyes and say, 'I am grateful for my family and thankful for my friends'. Also, we will start our 'Relax kids' techniques that involve talking about our emotions, starting with thinking about how our mind and body feels when 'I'm happy'.

Physical Development.jpgPhysical Development:

This week we will enjoy exploring big movements to act like a giant and also small tiny movements. We will follow the instruments in our classical music piece starting by making our bodies as tiny as a seed, then as the music becomes louder and more instruments join in, the larger our movements will become. We will explore taking giant jumps and small jumps and giant steps and small steps on our trail around the forest. We will enjoy a wellie walk through the woods and pretend we are looking for magical faraway places those like in the fairy tales from long ago...Will we hear or see a giant who knows?

We have been so impressed with everyone's progress with their cutting skills, so this week we will enjoy a different challenge. The children will discuss first which clothes are best to wear in wintertime and then cut down the straight lines around each garment they have seleceted. Hope you enjoy talking about what they have found when they bring them home to you this week.


This week we will learn the repeating phrases of the giant's song as he makes comments about the animals in the story that he has helped along the way. We will also learn about the different garments that he wears and why he is so kind. We will practise pattern tracing the letter 'm' with giant hopping patterns using our tripod pencils and make patterns such as spots and stripes staring at the top and going down and drawing a circle in an anti-clockwise direction.

Phonics tree.png Phonics:

This week we will have lots of fun exploring how to make the pure sound 'm', using the air correctly pushed into the nasal area with our mouth closed tongue positioned lower in the mouth. We will also use actions to help us as we will pretend to 'rub our tummy in a circle shape as we make the 'm,m,m' sound. We will enjoy navigating thourgh a funny slide show about Megan the Mouse and what she likes to find for her mum...milkshakes, mango, melon, mint and many more things.

clipart-numbers-Math6 (1).jpg  Mathematics:

This week we will start our exploration of height and length. We will enjoy singing one of our favourite songs 'Head, shoulders knees and toes and 'One finger, one thumb'.  Throughout the week we will enjoy challenges that will focus on comparing animals and insects that are tall or short and we will love exploring making beanstalks and measuing them to see which are the tallest. Our outside activities will be based around super large with crates and ropes to make giant sized ladders and castles in the clouds.

globe.png   Understanding the World:

This week we will learn all about observational drawings. We will look at daffodils of all shapes and types. We will paint with yellow and talk about the shape and size of the daffodils. We will take a walk through the forest and look for daffodils growing and look for stems, leaves and petals. We will also look at different clothes for different purposes and seasons of the year, starting with what we wear during the winter seasons and why.

ead.png   Expressive Arts & Design:

We will collage and paint with a variety of different tissues to create a daffodil flower. We will role play with giant sized clothes and practise in the roles of shop keeper and customers. We will listen to the classical piece 'Morning' by Grieg and enjoy moving our bodies to the music.


Our door is always open, please contact us for help at any time.  At busy times, please telephone to leave a message or email and we will respond as soon as we can.

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