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Mrs Barnett

Mrs Barnett

I have worked at Rode Heath School for many years now, mainly in KS1. I am excited to be working in Reception for the third time this year. I thoroughly enjoy being part of all of the exciting learning opportunities which Rode Heath has to offer. Outside of school I love to go exploring outdoors with my two children Archie and Elsie.

Mrs Adams

Mrs Adams

I have been working with young children for over 20 years and am passionate about giving them the best possible start to school life by learning through creative and meaningful contexts. As a Forest School teacher I love taking learning outside the classroom and introducing children to new skills, such as den building, tree climbing, campfire cookery and caring for our woodland environment.


Ocean Books.jpg

Welcome aboard as we set sail on a new learning adventure for our last term together in Reception.  We will be exploring the oceans, finding out about boats and we might even meet some pirates along the way! You can find our topic web for the Summer term in the 'Files to Download' section at the bottom of this page.


Reading Rockstars Image.png

Get ready for Reception Reading Rockstars!  Join our Summer reading challenge today.  For more details see the poster in the 'Files to Download' section at the bottom of this page.


Routines, Reminders & Messages

  • BLUE PLANET VISIT - Friday 5th July.  You should have received a letter regarding this trip.  Please ensure you have given permission, ordered a lunch and paid the voluntary contribution by Friday 21st June.  
  • Move-Up Days - The children will be spending some time with their new teachers this half-term.  They will visit Year 1 on Wednesday 19th June, 26th June and 3rd July.  All visits will take place during the school day.
  • Sports Day is scheduled for the afternoon of Wednesday 26th June.  Children should wear school PE kit and their house t-shirts.
  • PE is changing to Friday for the next half-term (Summer 1). Children should wear PE kit to school and pumps / trainers (no laces please)
  • Show and Tell is changing this term.  Please check your email for the new timetable.
  • Phonics Reading Books - your child will bring home 2 x 'Phonics' reading books that match the sounds learned in phonics lessons. It is important for the children to re-read the books (at least 3 times) at home to help them become more fluent, begin to recognise words and to feel successful as a reader. We encourage the children to read once to sound out and blend all of the words, a second time to remember and begin to read a little more confidently and a third time to help their understanding of the book and be able to talk about it.  Please ensure all books and the reading diary are kept in your child's book bag and brought in to school every day as we also read them in class. Books will be changed every Monday - we have very limited supplies of books so please ensure they are in school and availiable to be passed on to the next child.
  • 'Reading for Pleasure' books -  These are lovely books for you to share with your child at home - your child is not expected to be able to read these for themselves but they are wonderful as a bedtime story or snuggling up on the sofa to read together. These books are also changed every Monday.
  • Reading Diary - Please record in the diary each time you read with your child.  We will make a note of when we have read in school too.  You can use the diary to pass notes to us but please remember that they are not checked daily.  If your message is urgent or very important then please telephone or email the school office instead.
  • Home Learning is sent home every Friday.  Please ensure it is completed and returned by the following Wednesday, when we will collect in the home learning books. We do not send any home learning to be completed over the holidays.
  • Tapestry - we use this to share some of your child's learning.  If your child attended our Pre-School then your existing login details are still valid.  If you are new to Rode Heath then please look out for an email with instructions on how to get started. As always, please let us know if you have any problems.

We continue to focus on making sure that children are happy, safe and secure in school.  We follow our Hearts and Minds curriculum to ensure the children's personal, social and emotional development is central to our practice.  More information about our Hearts and Minds curriculum and the weekly Hearts and Mind planning can be found using this link: Hearts and Minds


To find year group expectations for Maths, please click here, scroll down and click on the overview. 

For year group expectations for English, please click here, scroll down and click on the overview. 

The expectations for Science and the Foundation subjects can be found by selecting the relevant heading from here.


Our Learning Journey: Monday 17th June 2024


Phonics tree.pngPhonics:

We are continuing with Phase 4 and will be learning about CCVC words (consonant-consonant-vowel-consonant). We will be focusing on blending the adjacent consonants to read these words and stretching the words to hear the adjacent consonants for writing. We will be using our phonic knowledge to read and write simple captions and short sentences. 

We are also learning the new tricky word 'come' and recapping reading and writing our Phase 2 and Phase 3 tricky words.  We refer to these words as 'tricky' because we can't sound them out - we just have to learn what they look like!  

Phase 2 Tricky Words - I  no  go  to  the  into

Phase 3 Tricky Words - he  she  we  me  be  was  you  they  all  are  my  her

Phase 4 Tricky Words - said  so  have  like  some  come

Pure Sounds - We teach the children to use 'pure' sounds (the sounds that letters make in words)  Click on the pictures below to hear the 'pure' sounds for Phase 2 and Phase 3 phonics.

Ph2 Phonics Tumbnail.jpgPh3 Phonics Tumbnail.jpg



This week we are using our phonic knowledge to plan and write our own simple sentences that start with a capital letter, have a finger space between each word and end with a full stop.  

Letter Formation - Click on the pictures below to see the correct formation for each letter of the alphabet.








clipart-numbers-Math6 (1).jpg  Maths:

This week is assessment week, so we are finding out how confident the chidren are with different aspects of mathematics in order to plan for the next few weeks.


psed.png   Personal, Social & Emotional Development:

We are learning why it is important to take care of ourselves by completing tasks related to health and hygiene 


globe.png   Understanding the World

This week we are learning about explorers


Physical Development.jpg   Physical Development:

This week we are practising for Sports Day and continuing to work on our dance for the Summer Fair.


ead.png   Expressive Arts & Design:

We are continuing our new project about boats and will be exploring waterproof materials.  In Music we will be exploring the question 'What makes an instrument?'.  We are also practising our dance performance for the Summer Fair on Friday 28th June.




Don't forget to visit our Think Like an Engineer website regularly to see what we're all busy doing:



Our door is always open, please come and see us with any concerns, no matter how small you feel they may be. 


If you are worried about how to keep your child safe online, please follow the following link:.


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