Reception 2019 - 2020

Mrs Woollam

Mrs Woollam

I can't quite believe that this year will be my 7th year teaching in the EYFS. I never failed to be amazed by how much progress children can make in their first year at school, and feel very privileged to be a part of that journey. I enjoy watching young children acquire new skills, and teaching them how to read, write and understand basic maths concepts is truly magical, especially when you witness a 'light bulb' moment.
I have been lucky enough to teach every year group in the primary range; all at Rode Heath and can honestly say I don't have a favourite year group.
As well as teaching in Reception, I have responsibility for Literacy and Key Stage 1, and work with all year groups as part of my Deputy Head role.
In my spare time I enjoy quality family time, painting, skiing, travelling and playing in a brass band. All of this keeps me busy!

Mrs Barnett

Mrs Barnett

I have worked at Rode Heath School for many years now, mainly in KS1. I am excited to be working in Reception for the first time this year. I thoroughly enjoy being part of all of the exciting learning opportunities which Rode Heath has to offer. Outside of school I love to go exploring outdoors with my two children Archie and Elsie.

Miss Street

Miss Street

I have worked as a TA at Rode Heath for the past 8 years, working in Key Stage 1, specialising in EYFS. I thoroughly enjoy working with the new starters, supporting them as they start on their new journey of school life. I believe all children should be treated as I would wish my own to be treated.

Mrs Adams

Mrs Adams

I have more than 20 years experience, working with young children across Early Years and Key Stage 1. I am passionate about giving children the best possible start to their school life and helping them to learn through creative and meaningful contexts.

It’s a privilege to return to Rode Heath and I look forward to working closely with you and your children over the coming year.


Welcome to Reception

Continuing the Learning Journey at Home - Monday 30th March 2020

We hope you all had a good week last week and were able to enjoy some of the lovely weather.  We are missing the children very much and finding it very strange not seeing them every day!  This week the children should continue to select activities from their home learning packs (listed below).  We will continue to update our class page regularly with tips, links and additional activities for you to try. 

We're really keen to keep in touch with how you're all getting on,  so keep us updated by posting photos and comments about the children on 'Learning Book'.  Alternatively you can email photos, comments or queries about the home learning packs to us at (this account is not checked daily so please do not use for important or time sensitive communication about your child)


  • Daily Phonics Activities
  • Handwriting Sheets
  • Read and Race Game
  • High Frequency Word Cards
  • Phonics Rhyming Strings
  • Robot Talk Phonics
  • Read a book under the covers (use a torch!)


Please continue to read every day.  We have sent home extra books, but please mix up our school resources with books, comics and magazines from home.  Keep reading sessions short and enjoyable - a daily 5 minutes is much more effective than a single 30 minutes session. Don't forget to post pictures and comments on Learning Book or via or class email too.

Before Reading - spend time looking at the cover.  What does your child think the book might be about? Read the title together. Talk about the author and the illustrator - do you know any other books by that author? Read the blurb on the back.

During Reading - allow your child time to preview and discuss any aspects of the page that interest them, before beginning to read.  Illustrations are important in helping children to understand what they are reading, so please don't cover them up.  Encourage children to read each sentence, sounding out words they do not know on sight.  Provide plenty of support but do encourage your child to have a go independently.  If they are struggling, stretch the word for them e.g. c-a-t and support them to blend the sounds to say the word 'cat'.  You could also encourage your child to make predictions as to what might happen next or how the story may end.

After Reading - check that your child has understood what they have read by asking some simple questions e.g. Who was the story about, What happened ...? When did ...?  Where did...?  How did...?  Why questions are also useful to gauge understanding but be aware that young children can find these difficult.  Asking your child to tell another family member about the book is another good strategy (being able to recall and retell events from a book in increasing detail is an important skill)


Many of the children are showing a really interest in writing labels, lists, captions and stories.  Please continue to encourage this at home, particularly writing in sentences with finger spaces between each word and full stops at the end!

An effective pencil grip and correct letter formation are very important in setting the foundations for later success in writing.  We have attached some resources here to help you with this.  Don't worry if you begin to feel a little bit like a 'stuck record' - having to remind children about pencil grip and letter formation with every sentence is perfectly normal at this age! 

A Proper Pencil Grip - click here

Correct Letter Formation - click here

We don't mind what the children choose to write about, whether it's Handa's Surprise, life in Africa, interests that they have outside school, favourite stories or ideas for things they would like to learn about when we return to school - please share their writing with us via Learning Book or the class email.



  • Time Worksheets
  • Comparing Numbers to 10
  • Dinosaur Counting
  • Ordering Numbers
  • EYFS Counting and Ordering

Find things at home that are circles, triangles, squares and rectangles

Count your socks and sort them by colour

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

  • Make a den from blankets.
  • Teach your family our handwashing song and actions:

Germs, germs go away

Off my hands that’s what I say

First the palms and then the backs

Next the fingers, then the cracks

Round and round and round we go

Rinse your hands and say

Off you go

Understanding of the World

  • Lay outside and look at the stars
  • Plant a seed.
  • Bake a cake.
  • Spot some birds in your garden.
  • Camouflage yourself

Expressive Arts & Design

  • Paint an African picture
  • Design a dress for Handa
  • Make a musical instrument from junk.
  • Make an African animal mask

Physical Development 

  • Go for a walk (observing 'Social Distancing' guidelines) 
  • Run around in the garden
  • Join Joe Wicks on YouTube for his daily 'PE with Joe' workouts - click here
  • Have some fun trying our 'Dance of the Week' - click here


Education City is a fantastic resource to support your child's learning. Log in details are in your child's reading record record. Once on the home page, click on subjects,



Don't forget to visit our Think Like an Engineer website regularly to see what we're all busy doing:




Our door is always open, please come and see us with any concerns, no matter how small you feel they may be. 

If you are worried about how to keep your child safe online, please follow the following link:.


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