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Welcome to our school...

Dear Visitor,                                                                                

As Headteacher I am proud to welcome you to our school. This website aims to give you a feel for life here at Rode Heath Primary, and also provides regular information for both parents and children.

Our school is at the heart of our community, with children having been educated on the current site for more than 40 years. There are now 209 children on roll, taught in seven single-aged classes. In addition, since September 2015, we have also enjoyed having our very own on-site Pre-school provision.

Our commitment is to deliver the highest quality curriculum, where the Arts are seen as an entitlement for all. Where Literature matters; our creative curriculum is founded on the use of quality texts. Our attainment and pupil progress measures in mathematics continue to exceed both local and national comparisons and our IT provision is exemplary. We value S.T.E.M subjects and we embed them at the very heart of our curriculum. Please take a moment to view the video clips below to see our school at work.    

Finally, we are passionate about building strong relationships with parents and families in order to secure the best outcomes for all of our children. It is not only your child that joins our very special school, it’s the whole family.                                                                                                                                                                  

  Headteacher, Mr C. M. Leech   

Please take a moment to click on the video clips below to see some of the exciting things on offer at Rode Heath Primary. 


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Mr Carl Leech
SENCO Contact Person :
Miss Hayley Scott

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