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Mrs Burton

Mrs Burton

Mrs Burton Pre-School Teacher:
I am extremely excited about starting my fifth year as Pre-School Teacher at Rode Heath. I am passionate about Early Years education and have enjoyed a varied and fulfilling career teaching children from Pre-School age, right up to Lower Key Stage Two. I have been teaching in Cheshire for 15 years now and as an experienced EYFS teacher I pride myself in placing each family’s needs first. I am passionate about the arts and literature have a varied artistic background in music and drama. Outside of school, my two little boys keep me very busy, we spend most of our time outdoors exploring natural habitats and playing football. As a family we treasure the precious time we get to spend together and especially enjoy story time.

Mrs Soutar

Mrs Soutar

Mrs Soutar Pre-School Teaching Assistant:
Hi I’m Karen. I live in Holmes Chapel with my husband Duncan and three lovely children- Izzy (13) Harry (11) and Emma (7). I’ve really enjoyed working with our fantastic team for the last 3 years at Rode Heath and before that I spent 10 years looking after my children and child-minding other peoples! I love the fun and unpredictability of working with Pre-Schoolers and enjoy seeing them progress and master new skills.

Mrs Moss-Brookes

Mrs Moss-Brookes

Mrs Moss-Brookes Pre-School Teaching Assistant:
Hi I’m Lisa. I’m extremely excited to start my fourth year at Rode Heath pre-School and to be part of this dynamic team. Before I came to Pre-school I enjoyed being a stay-at-home mum to my three young children. Prior to that I taught in a Primary School and thoroughly enjoyed teaching in Early Years classrooms. Outside of school my three children keep me very busy and we love exploring new places and enjoying exciting days out together.

Miss Jackson

Miss Jackson

Miss Jackson Pre-School afternoon Lead and Deputy Manager of ‘All Stars’ club:
I am very excited to be starting my third year at Rode Heath Pre-School. I will be leading at Pre-school in the afternoon and I am so looking forward to leading the team at our fabulous All Stars breakfast and after school clubs for another successful year. I have had many years working with young children and recently started working with children with additional needs. I am a qualified 'Relax Kids' Coach which enables me to teach children to learn to manage their emotions through play.

Miss Belcher

Miss Belcher

Miss Belcher All Stars and Pre-School assistant:
Hi I’m Kerry, I live in the village very close to school with my partner and daughter Chloe (5) who currently attends Reception class. I’m based in the All Stars breakfast and after school club. I’ve spent the last two to three years gaining my Early Years Practitioner qualifications at Rode Heath and now I can assist in Pre-school and help the youngest children to transition into club. I am always there to help each child and support them and their families, both early in the morning and into the evening.




Pre-School ‘home learning’ with ‘My Learning Book’ portal


On Monday morning  (22nd Feb) you can now watch Mrs Burton read Oi Frog! by logging onto your child's Learning Journey. Just go to to view the video. Why not try an activity listed below and record your own video and upload it onto your Learning Journey so that I can see it too!

Have fun smiley and if you need any help just have a look at the letter that explains what to do in the files below.

Please scroll down to access learning resources smiley

Week beginning the 22nd of February Pre-school Home Learning Activity Plan 

Oi Frog! Book Alive read this story by clicking on the link, or login to your child's Learning Journey to watch Mrs Burton read the story. Enjoy heart

Nursery Rhyme

5 Little Speckled Frogs

Click on this BBC nursery rhyme site to hear it and sing along:

FIVE little speckled frogs,
Sat on a speckled log,
Eating some most delicious bugs - yum, yum!
One jumped into the pool,
Where it was nice and cool,
Then there were FOUR speckled frogs - glug, glug!

Then there were THREE speckled frogs - glug, glug!

Then there were TWO speckled frogs - glug, glug!

Then there was ONE speckled frog - glug, glug!

Then there were NO speckled frogs.

Use the frogs in your activity pack to cut and stick, make a picture of a pool and then count down as your frogs jump in.

  Story time

This week we will share the story of  Oi Frog! 

login to your learning journey to see Mrs Burton tell the story along with revealing the letter sound that we will be exploring over the next couple of weeks. Can you find the animal in the story whos name starts with 's'? You can see how Mrs Burton helps the children to say the sound correctly and how to correctly use your mouth to form the sound.

New Vocabulary to practise saying together: see which words rhyme from the story:

on, log, frog, cat, mat, hare, chair, mule, stool, 

Find the rhyming game in your home learning activity pack with pictures of the animals and where the cat tells them to sit in the story. Your pack will be ready to collect on wednesday the 24th February.


We will be focussing on Rhythm and Rhyme in all our stories this half term and we will start with enjoying listening to rhymes in our story this week. 

Rhyming Pairs is our focus. This story has a fantastic amount of rhyming pairs to spot as you listen to the story. 

Watch the video on your child’s learning journey this Tuesday (23rd Feb), it’s all about rhymimg pairs and making children aware of  and familiar with the rhyming word families.

cat and mat , rat and bat, sat and hat etc....

dog and frog, log and bog, hog and jog, etc...

Mark making:

Exploring how to create and form patterns on a page.

draw a pond, add lilly pads...then use your pen to jump to each lilly pad. make sure your shape each time starts a the keft hand side of the page and 

Please look on the website for the mark making pattern cards to look at for guidance. 



One More, one less:

We are focussing on starting with 5 things and then taking away one item each time, we can say there is one less each time ansd so how many do we have left?

Try making a pretend pool on the  floor with materials or cushions and the find five things that would like to go swimming.

Role play

This week you could pretend to be a vet or doctor. We are making a vet role play area in our classroom ready to share with you all. Can you find pictures of animals that you would like to pretend to be? How do they move? What sounds do they make. Maybe you could choose to act like a favourite pet. Your dog or cat, or maybe you have a rabbit?

Expressive arts and Design:

Make a lilliy pad picture and explore what shapes and sizes forgs are. Maybe you could paint a frog picture.

 Understanding the World: Show an interest in different occupations

Research about the role of a vet and where they work. 

Look at the photos and draw or collage some information about pets and farm animals that may need to be helped by a vet.

If you need help logging on to your Learning Journey then please email Mrs Burton :

Hope to hear from you soon xx


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