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We listen. Here are some examples of changes we have made as a result of comments, compliments and suggestions we have received from our pupils, parents, carers, staff and the wider community. 




You said...

We did...

The school should encourage more children to bring a healthy snack Free fruit is always on offer in KS1 and children from KS2 can help themselves if they so wish. Since being a 'nut free' school many biscuits and snacks are no longer being sent in and generally snacks at break are 'healthier.' School promotes eating a balanced diet to all children and those of school dinners have to eat either sald or vegetables with their dinner. 
How can you improve the security of school yet further?  Since the improvements to security in 2015, when doors were fitted with magnetic locks and key fob access as well as our new inventory system, we have secured a bid which will enable us to have a new perimeter fence installed. The fence will be 1.8m in height and more robust than the current fence that backs onto many houses. This will improve our site security further.  
As parents, we would like more timely information regarding the progress of our children.  During the last academic year the school introduced a short report card in both the autumn and summer term. A full written report was sent home at the end of the spring term. With the two parent consultation evenings there are now five formal communications from school during the academic year. 
The corridor classroom (former Year 4 classroom) is not conducive to learning and teaching.  The building completed in April 2014 gave the Year 4 children a brand new classroom and enlarged the Year 3 teaching space. 
It is difficult for parents who have children in both the infants and juniors to drop off when both departments start at 9am.  The infant children now start at 8:50am. The juniors now have a staggered start to their day. They may come into school from 8:45am but must be in class for formal registration at 8:55am. This has had the benefit of reducing the number of minor accidents on the playgrounds prior to the school day and also to reduce some traffic congestion. 
Could the school offer more after school clubs?  In September 2011, the school offered 6 after school clubs in the autumn term. In autumn 2015 the school offered 16 school clubs. This now means that we utilise the school hall on a Tuesday morning before school for a gymnastics club and host a lunchtime rehearsal for the school choir. The school hall is used every evening!  
How do I find out about school events and general information that other parents seem to know?  The school introduced a new website in January 2013, and in the time since it has evolved into an excellent resource. All paper-based communications that leave school can be found on the website. Newsletters (monthly) letters, clubs, school events, holiday dates, medical forms, school policies, preschool registration forms etc... 
I want to be able to support my child/ren at home, and would like more information on the teaching methods used in school. 

In September 2016 we held meetings for parents, in the evenings, to explain the recent national changes to the curriculum and assessment procedures. In addition, we changed the focus of our parent participation mornings to run more like a ‘daily’ lesson, that also allow parents to pick up on the vocabulary that we use and understand the meaning of such things as ‘fix it’ time. Finally, we have created a suite of resources showing how we teach maths. Each class now has four videos showing how we teach the four operations; these are all available on class pages of the school website. We intend to do the same for reading during the course of this year.


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