Getting to Know Us

We recognise that starting "big school" is a big step for children and parents alike. New faces, new friends, a new uniform and a whole new environment and routine...

That's why we have a tried and tested "getting to know us" programme of introductions and activities in place to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible - for all concerned!


School Productions and Key Events

New starter children are invited to our infant Christmas play, a Year 5 puppet show, sports day and our summer fair in June. 

Reception Class Teacher Visits

Our Reception class teacher also visits each child in their pre-school setting.

Half-Day Visits

We offer three half-day visits for children in the half-term before they begin full time education. This allows the children, and parents, to get a feel for what school is about, provide an opportunity to begin get to know the staff, school procedures and other children. 

New Starter's Evening

In June, there is an evening meeting for the parents of children due to start school in the following September. The meeting gives you the opportunity to: meet the teaching staff, discuss the organisation of the curriculum, visit the classroom, find out about any preparation that would benefit your child before they start school and raise any questions relating specifically to your child.

Curriculum Evening

Each September, at the beginning of the new school year we invite parents in all years to attend our series of curriculum evenings. These events give parents a detailed insight into: the areas that their child/ren will be taught, the new routines of a particular year group, any key activities, trips and visits planned and details of how you, as a parent, can support your child.  

Open Mornings

In the autum term we also hold open mornings for all year groups, where parents are invited to spend time in their child’s classroom to experience the activities that take place on a daily basis.

Our Open Door - Informal Visits 

The school day is always a busy one, and as such we cannot generally accommodate unscheduled requests to have a look around. However, you are always more than welcome to arrange a visit to tour the school to see us all in action -  please get in touch with the School Business Manager via the office if you would like to do so.  

Children aged three and over are also encouraged to borrow books from our pre-school library selection in the foyer area of the school.


Finally, this website provides another great way to get to know us and keep in touch with life here at Rode Heath. It is packed full with information and news on what is going on inside and outside of the classrooms!  You could click onto and "visit" the Reception classroom regularly to see what the children have been up to, and read our monthly newsletters to see what's been happening, and lies ahead for the school as a whole.

Rode Heath Primary School

Heath Avenue, Cheshire, ST7 3RY

Main Contact - Mr Carl Leech

Tel: 01270 314414


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