Pre-School Home Learning 2019 - 2020

Mrs Burton

Mrs Burton

I am extremely excited about starting my third year as Pre-School Teacher at Rode Heath. I am passionate about Early Years education and feel honoured to welcome new parents and their children. We have had two highly successful years and this year we are fortunate enough to have two new Teaching Assistants to add to our already dynamic team!
I have been teaching in Cheshire for over ten years now and have enjoyed a varied and fulfilling career teaching children from Pre-School age, right up to Lower Key Stage Two. As an experienced EYFS teacher I pride myself in placing each family’s needs first and strive to make learning fun and exciting for each individual.
I am passionate about the arts and have a varied artistic background in music, visual art and drama. I am a classically trained vocalist and hope to join a local choir and continue performing in the future, right now I am focussed on the continually developing Pre-School and of course my family!
Outside of school, my two little boys keep me very busy. We spend most of our time outdoors on trails around the local woods, exploring natural habitats, playing football and adventures at the park. As a family we treasure the precious time we get to spend together and especially enjoy story time.

Miss Jackson

Miss Jackson

Miss Jackson, Pre-School TA and Deputy Lead Manager of All Stars
I am very excited to be starting my first year at Rode Heath Pre-School. I will be taking on the TA role in Pre-School on Thursday's and Friday's and I am so looking forward to leading the team at our fabulous All Stars breakfast and after school clubs.
I have had many years working with young chilldren and recently started working with children with additional needs. Also, I am a qualified 'Relax Kids' Coach which enables me to teach children to learn to manage their emotions through play.

Mrs Soutar

Mrs Soutar

Mrs Soutar – Pre-School Teaching Assistant
Hi I’m Karen. I live in Holmes Chapel with my husband Duncan and three lovely children- Izzy (10) Harry (8) and Emma (4). I’ve spent the last 10 years looking after my children and child-minding other peoples! I love the fun and unpredictability of working with Pre-Schoolers and enjoy seeing them progress and master new skills.
I’m looking forward to starting a new year at Rode Heath Pre-School and meeting all the parents and children.

Mrs Moss-Brookes

Mrs Moss-Brookes

Mrs Moss-Bookes – Pre-School Teaching Assistant
Hi I’m Lisa. I’m extremely excited to be part of the Pre-School team at Rode Heath. During the Last few years I have enjoyed being a stay-at-home mum to my three young children. Prior to that I taught in a Primary School and thoroughly enjoyed working within the Early Years.
Outside of school my three children keep me very busy and we love exploring new places and enjoying exciting days out together.

Miss Belcher

Miss Belcher

Hi I’m Kerry, I live in the village very close to school with my partner and daughter Chloe (4) she also attends Pre-School currently. I’ve spent the last two to three years gaining my Early Years Practitioner qualifications at Rode Heath where I thoroughly enjoy working in Pre- School each day. I also work in the All Stars breakfast and after school club Monday - Wednesday. I look forward to starting a new term and meeting all the parents and children.

Pre-School Home Learning 13th July 2020

This week is all about Celebrating and summer holidayssmiley

"From all the Pre-School Team we wish a fantastic summer break "

Story Time:  A lovely story with  lots of fabuous's truly summerysmiley

I see summer

Bing Bunny builds a sand castle at the park

Use this new vocabulary:Cone,castle, pat, shake, tap, 


Our nursery Rhyme this week 

New vocabulary we will practise: bees, hive, honey, buzz

 BBC Songs and Nursery Rhymes

Here is the beehive, where are the bees?

Here is the beehive
Where are the bees?
Hidden away where nobody sees
Watch and you‛ll see them come out of the hive
Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz.

Here is the beehive
Where are the bees?
Hidden away where nobody sees
Watch and you‛ll see them land on the floor
Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz.

Here is the beehive
Where are the bees?
Hidden away where nobody sees
Watch and you‛ll see them come out of the tree
Buzz, buzz, buzz.

We like to do these  rhymes with simple excerises:

  • use little wings and make great buzzing sounds
  • move around the hive then make your bosy small and hide
  • then jump and count at the same time

Magic Fingers - Get ready to write the letter 's' in the air - point your first finger and start at the top...start at the top and  go around and make a curved line to the middle half and curve to the left. 

Follow on : as you form the letter 's' using all the muscles in your arm and hand and stretch up tall as high as you can go to start the curved section. 

SAY: summer, sun, sing, sand, silly, snake( press teeth together and oush tongue to the centre of your teeth )

pratising writing sun, sat, sit, tap, tip, top, pan, put, pin, 

Phonics Phase 1 - Aspect 7 -Sementing and Blending sounds


Phonics Activity Time

Segementing and Blending  We can sound talk the words when we read stories to children, we can clap out the sounds in words such as sat pin, nip, pat, tap, pit, pip,  Play I Spy and sound out the name of objects that you have collected...z-i-p   c-a-t.    c-a-p    c-u-p   


Blending and Segmenting game

play this game-  press the buttons to hear how to segemnt the sounds of the names of things on the farm

  1. To develop oral blending and segmenting of sounds in words
  2. To listen to phonemes within words and to remember them in the order they occur 
  3. To segement words into phonemes
  4. To identify the number of phonemes that make up a given word 

Try the Home learning Challenge saved as a PDF  -

Cake Bake Rhyming game

match all the pictures that rhyme to bake a curious cake
Username: march20
Password: home


Mathematics - 'addition'

  • How many pennies? -look at the ice creams and how much they cost, count out how many one pence coins you will need and draw them (PDF)
  • Look at the Addition powerpoint together
  • Balloon roll and colour with a number dice or a colour select dice


Understanding the World- 'Summer Time and Celebration'

What things might we see on our summer break from school?

  • What is the weather like at summer time
  • Where can we travel to and where could we go? 
  • Saying 'well done' and celebrating the things we can do

Expressive Arts and Design

  • Create a friendship card
  • design and make a  party 
  • Create a map and hide all the treasure for a party game


Have fun and sing along as we do our weekly kids yoga session - Keep in touch with Mrs Burton; any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

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